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Yes, You DO Need to Talk to an Expert About Your Commercial Solar Power Needs

Many people believe a solar power system that is used on commercial premises is almost the same as that used on a residential property – just bigger. However, this isn’t the case, and there’s actually a lot more to consider when it comes to commercial solar power systems. Be sure to speak to someone who is experienced in commercial solar power systems when considering it for your business. The benefits are fantastic, and are specific to commercial needs too!

Here’s why you definitely need to make sure you talk to a reliable expert about your commercial solar power.

Backup Batteries

Backup batteries are becoming more popular in commercial solar power systems in Australia, as many business owners are looking to make the most of their solar power to slash their bills, and build a better future for the Earth and their business. One of the biggest differences between residential and commercial solar power is that outside opening hours of the business, there could be power being generated that isn’t being used. If this extra electricity isn’t being used, in some areas it won’t be sent to the grid, and instead it will be wasted. Batteries can store this energy so you can use it at peak times of the day.

More Power Required

A more powerful solar power system than those used in residential buildings is often needed for a commercial property. Depending on the energy demands of the building, there may be large inputs of electricity needed during certain times of the day. It’s important to discuss with your consultant which size system will be able to handle your businesses’ average energy usage.


The installation of commercial solar panels can be more complicated than that of residential systems, as more permissions may need to be gained. There may be conditions placed on your system, and you might be eligible for business grants. Your solar energy consultant will be able to ensure all the paperwork and legalities are accurate and completed as part of your installation process.

Larger Benefits to the Environment

The more homes with solar power, the better – and the same goes for commercial buildings! With commercial buildings on average using up far more energy than that of a home, it’s become even more important that all commercial industries consider reducing their carbon footprint by installing solar.

Talk to Weather Wizard About Your Commercial Solar Needs

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