This 3.9kW System is great for those with small electric bills or who want to shave off a big chunk of their usage. The system requires approximately 20-25m2 of roof space so even a small roof should accommodate the solar modules.

This System will generate approximately 14kWh (units) per day, enough to offset most of your lighting or even your air conditioning use. Depending on the energy generated and the energy you consume, you can save approximately $900-$1,000 per year with a 3.9kW system. 275W Tier 1 Panels
Offering excellent value for money is our Foundation series solar package.

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10 Year Product Warranty on Panels

25 Year Linear Performance Warranty on Panels

5 Year Warranty on Inverter

14 x 270W Tier 1 Panels

Offering excellent value for money is our foundation series solar package.  Featuring 12 Tier 1 solar panels from Suntech Solar Technologies who is an international manufacturer of solar cells and modules, providing an excellent price-performance ratio.

1 x High Efficiency Inverter

Recently given an AA rating by German Photon magazine, Goodwe provides quality and reliability at a great price point. Goodwe inverters are one of the most used inverters throughout Australia and come with a 5-year warranty.


All of the Goodwe inverters come with WIFI as standard, and your solar data is uploaded to the Goodwe monitoring portal every few minutes.


Weather Wizard uses fully qualified and accredited installers & designers and stands by each and every installation we complete. We understand that no two solar installations are the same which is why over the last 10 years we have developed the most efficient and reliable solar installation methods throughout Perth, allowing us to deliver a quality finish to your investment.