Do Solar Panels Really Last for So Many Years?

Modern solar panels have working lives of up to 25 years. Realistically, that’s a long time for a technological product to last. If you kept yours for that time, you’d definitely be ready for an upgrade to a newer system! If you’re worried about needing to replace your solar panels before you can save enough money from them, you needn’t be concerned. Most solar panels come with a 25 year-linear performance warranty. Here’s what you need to know about the life of solar panels:

They Won’t Give Up on You After a Short Warranty Period

Consumers are used to technological products ‘giving up’ just after the warranty period has expired. From mobile phones to household appliances, the lives of many of these products seems to be quite short. That’s why many people are weary of investing in residential solar panels, as they feel they may need to replace them before they save any money. However, solar panels won’t just ‘stop working’ after their warranty period is over. If anything, some may become very slightly less efficient as time goes on. After 25 years of producing clean power and saving money, you’ll still continue to reap the benefits.

Some Solar Systems Will Degrade Sooner Than Others

It’s important to note that not all systems will see out over 25 years of great performance, and not all companies will provide a full-proof warranty. It’s essential to do your research and seek out premium solar brands and companies that offer the best service at the best price. High quality solar systems are the best way to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit for the longest possible period of time.

What about the Inverter?

The inverter tends to have a shorter warranty. However, rest assured that if you need to replace or repair your inverter after the warranty period, you’ll still be saving money over the long-term by having solar power, as inverters are relatively cheap to repair and/or replace.

What Else Should You Watch Out For?

The quality of solar panels is extremely important. In Australia, and particularly Perth, extremes of temperature can cause solar panels to crack. When you are discussing quality solar panels with your installer, ask for panels which have been proven to withstand both extremely hot temperatures and heavy frosts. This will allow you to gauge the quality and life of the panels.

The best for Commercial Solar

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